Are you an entrepreneur managing a business brand?

andrea-robinson-2015-business-design-brandingLet me first say hello and welcome! My name is Andrea Robinson. Please allow me to introduce myself a little bit. I won’t ramble too long because I want to share with you how I can help you!

I started my career as a professional graphic designer and illustrator in Lexington KY in 2001 building a business called AT Design & Illustration LLC.

It was my mission to transform intangible assets — spirit, attitude, personality — into tangible projects and objects that people immediately understood and desired to buy.

I successfully did that for many years winning several entrepreneurs and design awards along the way. So you could say I am an award winning. But all of that doesn’t matter to me unless I am helping you win!

I quickly realized that many people that were starting to bring their dream to life, but they did not understand the role and function of branding vs. visual design, user experience, customer journey, advertising, and marketing, etc.

Sadly, they were often sold on the idea of “build a website and buyers will come” and still to this day people are told they need a website. Building a website that supports a business is nuanced. Web sites are not one size fits all. But they venture out, searching to find someone to build their dream.

I knew that there were many things that needed to be decided and in place before starting to build the website. Otherwise, they would be sold a site that doesn’t work for them. They may even repeat this expensive process over and over still wondering why the sites do not meet their business need for new clients and cash flow.

Please enjoy my free 8 page PDF guide:

Uncover, discover and embrace your brand truth: 5 Areas that Keep Your Brand Spinning

Fast forward to 2013, I limited my services to 8 clients per year. Helping them with foundational elements that support the customer experience (brand journey) and their marketing efforts at a deeper level. My team and I were able to provide services like branding, visual design, PR, social media marketing support through done-for-you services and consulting.

Recently, I started working on a new project called the Your Brand Truth Program. [Stay tuned because I will be accepting applications to become one of the first foundational members to join the new program.]

Over the years, I have witnessed small businesses struggle and overcome the challenges of branding a business and overcoming the daily hurdles of being an entrepreneur. It’s my goal to build a program that will get you to what you want faster; the right new clients and profits flowing into your business. If you are interested in learning more email or message me on social media.

If you are interested in learning more email or message me via social media.

andrea @ andrearobinson.us.

Please enjoy my free 8 page PDF guide that covers the

5 Areas that Keep Your Brand Spinning

Uncover, discover and embrace your brand truth.

About Andrea Robinson

I am an award-winning designer and small business owner that possess strong digital media marketing skills in the area of both online and offline marketing, relationship building, communication, and brand awareness and visual communication. I keep these skills sharp and up to date with modern business practices.

I help clients understand and recognize their unique point of view. I help them set their intentional brand perception goals to target their intended audience. Then I help plan their digital visual brand strategy and how that integrates into your marketing plan.

Currently, I work with 8 VIP brands aka clients and there is a waitlist to work 1 on 1 with me and for done for you services. Please email me at andrea at andrearobinson dot us to contact me directly.


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