Are you an entrepreneur managing your business brand?

Andrea Robinson Georgetown KYMy name is Andrea Robinson and here is a little bit about my story and how I can help you. Hello and welcome!

My heart has a big spot reserved for those trying to start, grow and scale their business. My focus is on helping you with your entrepreneurial identity and the identity of your business. Those are two very different things.

I do this by helping you review your brand and chose the right brand activities to help you reach your milestone goals.

I challenge you to pick strategies that will help you fall in love with your business. I stretch you to get comfortable and unapologetically confident when putting yourself out into the big scarey world of business.

HINT, it’s really not that scary out here in the land of serving and helping others.

I started my career as a professional graphic designer and illustrator in Lexington KY in 2001 building a business called AT Design & Illustration LLC. It was my mission to transform intangible assets — spirit, attitude, personality — into tangible projects and objects that people immediately understood and desired to buy.

I successfully did that for several years. I won both entrepreneurial and design awards along the way. But all of those “wins” don’t matter to me unless I am helping you win in your business!

Here is the thing though, I was working behind the scenes helping others build their business for many years. I became their “best-kept secret.”

This is how I learned, I grew and I put my 10,000 hours into the work I do. This is how I know I can help you too because my goal is to help you and your entrepreneurial friends. I am eradicating the best-kept secret label. Poof, it’s gone no more secrets!

I realize that maybe you too have been working behind the scenes many hours to bring your dream to live. But I can almost guarantee that you have never thought about brand and brand activity the way I teach it. I believe it’s a journey. A journey that both you go on and grow into while building a business brand that grows along side you that serve

Sadly, they were often sold on the idea of “build a website and buyers will come.”

While many people have long forgotten that little movie titled, “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner the message in that move has somehow morphed into business advice that doesn’t work today. You can build a big beautiful brand image but if there is no connection or substance behind your voice, your offers, and your products. Your message will fall on deaf ears leaving you only to hear crickets. Leaving you scratching your head as to why branding is not working.

I have witnessed small businesses struggle and overcome the challenges of branding a business and overcoming the daily hurdles of being an entrepreneur.

It’s my goal to help you get what you want faster; the right new clients and profits flowing into your business.

Let’s get started, shall we? (button)

Thoughtfully Yours,

About Andrea Robinson

I am an award-winning designer and small business owner that possess strong digital media marketing skills in the area of both online and offline marketing, relationship building, communication, and brand awareness and visual communication. I keep these skills sharp and up to date with modern business practices.

I help clients understand and recognize their unique point of view. I help them set their intentional brand perception goals to target their intended audience. Then I help plan their digital visual brand strategy and how that integrates into your marketing plan.

Currently, I work with 8 VIP brands aka clients and there is a waitlist to work 1 on 1 with me and for done for you services. Please email me at andrea at andrearobinson dot us to contact me directly.